Snap on eejp500

Snap on eejp500

Snap on eejp500

Heavy start for
Heavy Vehicles Snap on eejp500

Features and benefits
CE – Optional country of origin – China

  • Powerful – 4500 Peak, 500 Shooters and 415 Cold
    Swing amplifiers from high-performance TWIN AGM batteries.
  • Smart multifunction digital display indicates internal
    battery charge and voltage percentage, plus the car battery
  • Safe – Reverse connection An audible warning will sound if
    The clamps are connected in reverse order.
  • Protection – the power switch disconnects the terminals from the terminals.
    built-in battery to prevent accidental ignition

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Tough & Long – 2 Gauge, long reach 60 inch cables for
connection to hard-to-reach batteries.
• Corrosion Proof Case- Unique design allows easy use in
vertical or horizontal positions. Lay it down.
• Protective Side Caps- help protect vehicle fenders when
moving around the vehicle.
• 3-Amp Built in Automatic Charger- for quick recharge
without worry of overcharging. Plug in with your existing
HD shop extension cord. (see white arrow on side of unit)
• 12-Volt DC Power Outlet- for powering 12 volt devices
and for recharging in-vehicle when in transit. Male-tomale in vehicle charging cord (EEJP500-8) included.


Snap-On EEJP500 12 Volt Booster Box For Replacing the 12 V 22 Ah Starter Battery with FP Terminals (2 pcs.)
This battery pack for the Raion Power RG12220FP launcher is a direct OEM replacement for existing batteries for the Snap-On EEJP500 12 V Booster Pack (12 V 22 Ah). The Raion Power RG12220FP rechargeable battery (12 V 22 Ah) is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We guarantee 100% compatibility with your existing Snap-On EEJP500 12V Booster Pack batteries.

Please note that to install the Raion Power RG12220FP (12V, 22 Ah) battery you will need to Re-use all existing cables and equipment from the original configuration.

This Snap-On EEJP500 12V Replacement Battery Pak has the following features:


  • High discharge rate design
  • Low self-discharge
  • Absorbent Glass Mat Technology (AGM)
  • Maintenance-free, leak-proof design with adjustable valve –
  • Recognized by UL, CE certified and produced in ISO 9001 certified companies.
  • Shockproof ABS plastic outer casing
  • Free voltage matching and top charging
  • Brand-new, just out of the factory.
  • Factory directly
  • 1 year warranty
  • Ultra-fast delivery (receive the product(s) within 3 business days or less)
  • This shipment will contain 2 Raion Power RG12220FP (12V, 22 Ah) batteries.

Direct delivery from the factory allows you to buy Raion Power batteries directly from the manufacturer without having to pay unnecessary extra fees from the distributors.

If you need further assistance in purchasing a replacement battery for a 12V Snap-On EEJP500 12V Booster Pack, please call our customer support team at (469) 225-3773 or email us.

Please use this form to order large quantities.

Snap-On EEJP500 12 V Booster Pack RG12220FP 12 V 22 Ah Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data:
Material safety data sheet Raion Power 12V 22Ah RG12220FP

Technical Data Raion Power 12V 22Ah RG12220FP

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive disorders.

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