Mitsubishi WD 60735

Mitsubishi WD 60735

Mitsubishi WD 60735

With our replaced Mitsubishi WD 60735 TV lamp inside, you are guaranteed that your original lamp will work just as well as your original one. The brightness will be the same and the lamp life will be the same as the original Mitsubishi lamp. The WD60735 bulb comes with the original Osram150-180W bulb for a lamp life of 6000 hours. Beware of conventional bulbs sold elsewhere that provide less light output and shorten lamp life. We have been selling replacement lamps for TVs and projectors since 1997. Trust Pureland Supply with a 180-day warranty, 5-star Google rating and free ground shipping.

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Restore the original performance of your TV/projector for half the price with Bravo View interchangeable lamps. Buy with confidence and buy Bravo View replacement lamps.
Compatible with Mitsubishi WD-60C8, WD-60737, WD-60735 bulbs:
This is a compatible brand of Bravo View lamps.
Part Number: 915B403001
This lamp is sold with a module and housing in the package.
Replacement lamp module for the following TV / projector: Mitsubishi WD-60C8, WD-60737, WD-60735

Review 1

I wish I had replaced the light bulb on my TV six months ago! I didn’t realize how bright, clear and vivid my TV could be – the old bulb had just started to fade slowly … and had to reach a certain point before I really noticed it. This new light bulb looks like new. I had to rock it a little bit to fit in my TV, but not bad – easy job for one person, no need to pay a repairman for it, just a couple of screws, good YouTube videos for a walk you can handle if you squeamishly work with electronics. Only a “newbie” like me has 5-10 minutes.

Review 2

When the “lamp” on my TV lit up, we couldn’t figure out what had happened until the TV went out. My husband and I tried so desperately to put it back on, we started calling TV repair shops. It took over $300 to fix the TV. My husband decided to go to YouTube and see if there were any training videos on lamp replacement. Well, we found it. Replacement seemed pretty easy. I assure you, there’s no way we can do this kind of thing. So, we ordered the lamp, followed the instructions and the eureka, the TV turned on. I’m so happy we found the lamp. The order was easy, the delivery was very fast. I’ll be sure to order from this salesman in the future.

Review 3

There’s a huge difference. We bought this TV used, and when we took it home, we noticed that a week later it got darker, and finally the lamp went out completely. It is as bright as our LCD TVs (made the same year), but much bigger and louder. I will update this review if there are any problems with the bulb.

Review 4

My old lamp finally burned out, and all I can say is WOW. This spare lamp is nothing but fantastic, I felt a little uncomfortable ordering because there were a few reviews, but at this price I couldn’t give it up, and I’m glad I didn’t! This lamp brought my 60-inch TV back to life, the colors are now just stunning, from how bright they are, tried out their Blu-Ray avatar the same night I installed it, and my girlfriend even lost her voice. Of course they’re not the “thinnest” on the market, but comparing my DLP to my cousins’ LCD and LED, I still prefer the color depth and cinematic experience I get every time I press my power button.

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