Hyundai introduced 3 new technologies to improve air quality in its cars

People are more concerned about air quality than ever. Hyundai first, urban air pollution is literally killing us. Secondly, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how important it is to take responsibility for air quality in your environment. Car manufacturers are aware of this growing concern and are developing new technologies to improve the air quality inside their cars.

Most new cars have some kind of climate control system based on air conditioning. They have filters, but they do not filter out anything that may be harmful to human health. That’s why Hyundai has just announced the introduction of three new air conditioning technologies – After-Blow, Multi-Air Mode and Fine Dust Indicator – designed to improve air quality in vehicles and create an additional pleasant interior environment for customers. These technologies will first be available in South Korea, but will soon be extended to the new Hyundai, Kia and Genesis cars around the world. But what are they doing? Let’s take a look at them one by one.

The After-Blow technology is designed to reduce mold proliferation in the system. It dries condensate on the evaporator, minimizing the possibility of mold growth. Mildew is quite common in air conditioning systems and causes unpleasant odors on hot days. More importantly, mold can be harmful to health, especially if someone is allergic or particularly sensitive to mold.

Interestingly, After-Blow works when the car engine is off. It switches on for about 10 minutes 30 minutes after the engine is switched off. These 30 minutes are designed to allow condensate to flow naturally out of the evaporator. These parts can then be dried. This system does not work if the battery is discharged or if the air conditioning has not been used for some time.


Multi-Air Mode technology is simply a large set of ventilation openings for air conditioning. Some of them really sit on the seats. This creates a more pleasant and even atmosphere in the car interior. Hyundai

Fine Dust Indicator Technology displays the concentration and level of ultra-fine dust particles. This allows the driver to better control air quality. The driver can activate the air purification system to clean the air. If this function does not improve air quality, it reminds the driver to change the filters. In fact, it helps drivers better understand what is happening.

Do you want to improve the air quality in your car? Put that away. Seats, mats and mats collect dust that is released when people move inside the vehicle. You should also make sure the cabin filter is clean and the ducts are not too dusty or moldy. Old cars don’t clean the air as well as new cars, but you can significantly improve that by simply keeping the interior clean.

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